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Dynamical Neurofeedback® is safe, elegant

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Client Benefits

The process of transformation that users experience can be described in 5 overlapping and interactive aspects.

1. Stabilizing the CNS

  • during this process people begin to feel deeply relaxed

  • the mind is quieting between sessions

  • sleep improvements can be noticed

  • a decrease in reactivity can occur

  • people generally feel more settled

2. Life Begins To Feel Easier

  • further improvements in the above benefits and stability

  • life begins to feel easier

  • energy and alertness begin to increase

  • change in mood stability can be noticed

  • noticeable improvements in psyche and response times

Moo Optimal.jpeg

3. Clearer, Stable, and more Resourceful

  • improved stability and efficiency

  • increases in attention and focus

  • increases in awareness and presence

  • decision making seems easier and faster

  • improved access to higher resources

  • better response times

  • coping significantly better

  • sense of self is clearer and more stable

  • able to reference internally more easily for decision making

  • identification of emotions and processing of them without being overwhelmed

4.  A Stronger More Positive Sense of Self

  • carrying the benefits easily from session to session

  • the old ‘you’ is getting harder to recall as you settle into the emergence of better functioning

  • a stronger and more positive sense of self

  • life experience is now driving the growth and transformational process

  • confidence develops as you become familiar with this growing sense of self control

5. Into the Future

  • once your Central Nervous System is functioning according to its inherent design and capacity, the gains will continue to unfold independently of NeurOptimal®.

  • most people are happy with this level of improvement and stop training.

  • others continue with booster sessions for additional benefits or for assistance with periods of unhealthy stress and or challenges.

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